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Family caregivers can experience burnout, be sure to reserve time for yourself.

Providing care for an aging relative is indeed an act of love. If you are like most you never anticipated being in this situation and have no training for the duties you now face. In addition, you have other things to attend to perhaps a job, other family commitments, and your own needs. It can be quite a juggling act to manage everything.

The good news you don’t have to do this all alone. Even with the best intentions and all the love in the world anyone can wear down, if they do not recharge. Caring for yourself is not being selfish, attending to other responsibilities is not being neglectful.

A respite caregiver can step in when you need; a couple of hours a day, or maybe certain days every week. This allows you time to handle the rest of your life without sacrificing quality of care for your loved one.

In fact, a respite caregiver is beneficial to the senior as well. It gives them a chance to socialize with someone else and injects variety into their life. A respite caregiver allows you freedom while maintaining consistent care.

Concierge Care can introduce you to caregivers who offer respite care. Talk to a Care Coordinator who will answer all your questions and schedule time for a Senior Care Advisor to visit you at home.
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Concierge Care has 14 offices across Florida. Having a local contact gives clients better customer service.

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We are passionate about introducing seniors to the perfect caregiver who over time can become a friend.

What Clients Are Saying

Dawn is our respite CNA and has amazing compassion for my husband. She is professional and knows how to keep my grouchy but precious hubby at home.
Kim in St. Augustine