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Transitional Care Referrals

Caregivers can ease a senior’s transition to or from a hospital.

Transitioning from a hospital to home presents several challenges. The senior is recovering and may be dealing with long-term health concerns. They need to focus on rest and not be worried about transitioning.

A caregiver can handle all the details which relieves your stress. They will make sure the home is fully prepared, meet you at the health facility and can even provide transportation. They help you settle in and are available to provide care for a few days. This may be so helpful that you decide to have them provide care long-term.

Transitioning to an assisted living community is challenging as well. This can be lonely when navigating it alone. Caregivers can assist with moving your belongings, packing/unpacking, and organizing the new living space.

They can introduce the senior to the community and other residents, as well as helping them get around the first few days. A familiar face goes a long way to ensuring a smooth transition.

Concierge Care can introduce you to caregivers who offer transitional care. Talk to a Care Coordinator who will answer all your questions and schedule time for a Senior Care Advisor to visit you at home.
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  • Discharge Planning
  • Support while Healing
  • Transportation Service
  • Assist with Moving
  • Prescription Pick Up
  • Disease Management

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We are passionate about introducing seniors to the perfect caregiver who over time can become a friend.

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Susan was amazing. She was pro-active in helping with a difficult transition. My mother raved about her and enjoyed their time. Thank you.
Elizabeth in Daytona